Our Orchard Country Store:
Where Values Grow.

Welcome to Our Orchard Country Store, where we value family, self-reliance and our commitment to providing quality goods at fair prices. The concept of “Our Orchard” is rooted in our firm belief that when we serve others with integrity and kindness, always providing top quality products at a fair price, with good old-fashioned service like it used to be, we will grow our family values and become better people ourselves. We plant seeds of goodness in Our Orchard, folks harvest the value and benefits, and the trust and confidence of our customers is our reward.
We believe in the value of hard work and the notion that the good Lord helps those who help not only themselves, but also others in their community. We try hard to help folks by bringing them real value on things they need and want - that means always offering quality products at fair prices. We value the pure simplicity of foods that are natural, minimally processed and locally sourced whenever possible, so you know where your food is coming from.
Of course, the only thing better than buying your food local is to grow it yourself, and we’ve got you covered there, too! We stock seasonal plants and garden items to help you with your home fruit and vegetable garden. Even better, check out our Garden4Life System and super-simple, chemical-free growing products. It’s an easy, affordable and natural way to grow your personal home garden to record-breaking heights – all while saving you space, time and money – and maybe with a little less back pain along the way.
So in a nutshell, that’s what you’ll find at Our Orchard Country Store, and of course we’ll mix in a little good conversation if you feel like chatterboxing. Give us a visit and you’ll understand why we say Our Orchard Country Store is Where Values Grow – values on products, and good old-fashioned personal values to boot. We invite you to stop in, visit a while, and leave with a smile.

The Rankin Family

Curt and Dawn Rankin are lifelong Entrepreneurs who love small business and the unique opportunities they provide to grow professionally and personally. Curt received a bachelor’s degree in Agronomy which led him to work as a crop consultant and natural resource specialist for several years. He later joined his family in starting a successful specialty welding company. Dawn pursued her interests in accounting and real estate while raising and homeschooling their two children. She has played a vital role in creating and maintaining the family business interest. Today Curt and Dawn are proud to be helping other families grow their potential through Garden4Life and their other business. Our Orchard Country Store has quickly become their favorite business endeavor yet. It allows them to interact with the good people in their community on a daily basis, and to use their business talents to bring the best possible prices and values to customers.
“The Country Store is one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.”
- Curt Rankin
“The family runs the business together, always instilling family values into how we conduct ourselves, and I think people recognize that right away when they visit. And it’s a perfect way to let people learn about our Garden4Life System – it blends in perfectly with our self-sustainability customer base, people who want to do for themselves and their community.” says, Curt.
Chais and his wife Taressa are also a part of the ownership of this family business. Both are graduates of Missouri State University. Chais has a degree in Agriculture Business and Taressa has a degree in Animal Science. Chais is also a Real Estate Broker and keeps busy helping connect buyers and sellers all over Southwest Missouri. Taressa spends most of her days homeschooling their three boys, and following her passion of training horses, specifically, Mustangs. Chais, Taressa, Cuylar, Camden, and Canyon love working together and spending time together as a family whether it be at the store or on the family farm.
Our daughter Jenna is also a key part of the family business. She is the mother of three terrific children, Paeten, Haeden and Kaesen. She has a bachelor’s degree in agriculture business from Missouri State University. Her work experience is varied. She has been a collegiate ambassador and an apartment complex manager. She has found time to work on the farm showing registered cattle across Missouri and select other states all while being a homeschooling Mom. Jenna’s passion is her kids and helping others. We are fortunate that she has chosen to be a part of our team at Our Orchard Country Store.
Quality products from our family to yours.
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